LPGA Texas Shootout started as an informative website that hat the goal of giving information about the latest events and news of the sports industry. We started discussing and writing about the many changes and interesting topics that could captivate the attention of the readers, who are fans of many sports.

With time we became specialists in writing about different sports and we extended our coverage of these news. As well as discussing the many changes of a sport or covering a scandal that took place during an event. Since our vision has been to always be clear and specific in each of our articles, we always maintain our work as legit and informative.

With this said, we also started to pay more attention to the performance and situation of each professional athlete that was in the spotlight at the moment. As the years went by, we developed articles which the main goal was to only focus in the most meaningful subjects and events that happened in the career of a professional athlete.

Because of that, LPGA Texas Shootout has become one of the best places to read about sports and their most relevant news. We have the compromise to keep it up and become one of the best sports websites on the internet.

-Frances Hopkins