4 Major Differences Between High School and College Sports

One of the most American experiences has definitely got to be high school sports and the usual Friday night games, being the number one choice for not only the students but usually their parents as well. However, that might not be enough to prepare the athletes for sports life after high school.

Whether you are a high school athlete wondering how’s college sports life, a curious human or a college athlete looking for some empathy, trust us, this is for you.

The NCAA Rules Are Mind-Blowing

If you think you know all the rules and believe they are not that crazy, you are wrong. There are the most known rules, such as the no illegal-drugs rule and the typical no underage-drinking rule, but once you’re an NCAA recruit, you basically are owned by your school and these crazy rules include not following other recruits on social media, not drinking any kind of caffeine and you must be able to be contacted at all times.

The New Team Will Be Your New Family

Yes, you might say your high school team was your family too, but you don’t know what close is until you are part of a college sports team. Most teams have their athletes living together, so you probably will be seeing at least one of your teammates every single minute of every day, especially in-season.

It’ll Become Your Entire Life

For high school athletes, being on a sports team means weekend practices, a few games a week, team meetings and other short activities, what still leaves them with plenty of free time.

But for college athletes, a sports team means a much bigger time commitment and can engulf people, not only having to take care of their classes but also having to commit 100% to the team and consequently, giving up on summer vacations for a good 4 years. Not to say, in-season equals a sport-centered life.

You Can either Love It or Hate It

This one doesn’t apply to every athlete, but it can definitely happen. On high school days, many would think their sport will be their entire life, but if they make it to a college sports team, it can result on them being burnt out and wishing the end of their careers as athletes more than anything.

So if you’re looking into a future filled with sports, you need to brace yourself for what’s to come in order to fulfill those dreams. This is the price to pay when you want to play sports and eventually become a pro.

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