The 5 Biggest Problems inside the Sports’ Ticketing Industry

If you’re a fan of sports you must be aware of the undeniable problem that the ticketing industry has, from the stakeholders to the re-selling. In this article, we’re going to break down the 5 problems of the sports’ ticketing industry.

It has been proven that fans are not being able to buy the ticket that they would like to purchase. Why is this happening? Here are some reasons our company’s writer found out:

The Pre-Sale To Primary Industries

One of the biggest reasons why you’re probably not getting the ticket that you want is because of pre-sale tickets. These tickets have a bigger problem that you can imagine due to the private sale to groups that pay for that access before they even go on sale! (Like radio stations, for example) So you end up being left aside, with the so-so-good ticket seats.


So, on that matter, the ticketing Industry is actually broken. Re-selling has become a normal thing. What happens is that sports events organizer tends to underpriced tickets to maximize fan attendance, this leads to a bunch of opportunists who create the so-called “Bots” to buy the majority of the good tickets and then re-sell them.

The Pre-Sale To The Secondary Industries

All of the factors previously mentioned happening behind the scenes. When the tickets are finally released, 90% of the good seats are sold. This is not a well-kept secret in the sports’ industry, everybody sells their tickets: from coaches to players. They all oversell them.

It is known that re-selling a ticket is much better than actually going to the game. Pro players and coaches know this pretty well. it’s not a secret that you can make thousands of dollars by selling your Super Bowl ticket, so why not doing it?


Generally, tickets are sold by authorized promotion companies who sell them in the primary and secondary industry. According to TicketMaster’s CEO Sean Moriarty there are almost 40% of ticket inventory that never gets sold, and if you ask the fans the reason why they didn’t attend to the shows, they would most certainly say they didn’t know about it in the first place.

Fans Aren’t Winning

The truth of this matter is that the sports’ fans aren’t winning. In order to change that, the industry must change its ways.  Technology has been of great help to the fans, creating websites where fans can buy tickets that they’re actually going to use.

Leaving the tickets’ prices the way they are supposed to be is not a bad idea and could be of great help. By doing that, fans could actually buy the seats they want, and re-selling would diminish.

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